Casual Society attends Rides & Vibes 2014

Filled with good quality cars, good music and good company, Rides and Vibes 2014 was nothing short of entertaining. Casual Society took the opportunity to showcase what we have under our stable and to add to the vast array of well maintained machines. As a team made up of like minded individuals, Casual Society also […]

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Fake “Huvrboard”?

HUVrTech recently produced a short film to promote its first hover board model. Titled “BELIEF,” the video welcomes several celebrities including Moby and Terrell Owens among others to try out the new technology. Sadly, fans of both the Back to the Future or ReBoot series will have to keep dreaming as the Huvrboard is clearly not yet a reality. Still, […]

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Honda Unveils the Civic Type R Concept

After images of the vehicle leaked out to the public just a few short days ago, Honda took to the showroom floor at Geneva to officially unveil its Civic Type R Concept. Billed not as a high-performance road car, but as “a racing car for the road,” the aggressively-styled conceptualization is based on the Japanese […]

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The Street Series Round 1 | Video

“This year Monster is putting on street jams in major cities all over the world. The first was held in Cape Town, South Africa. The Monster team Ben Lewis and Ed Zunda killed it as did Paul Ryan and the locals. I didn’t get a ton of footage but I put this together anyway just […]

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Design Indaba 2014

The Design Indaba Expo is definitely one of the highlights for us each year. With Cape Town being the design capital for 2014, we were excited to see how hard the creatives have been pushing. We saw some amazing work from the exhibitors but we found ourselves spending a lot of time with the emerging […]

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Samsung Galaxy S5

Fresh off the debut of its brand new Gear 2 smartwatches, Samsung presents its latest addition to its Galaxy smartphone range: the Galaxy S5. Featuring a familiar design aesthetic, the 2014 Galaxy release now includes the likes of a fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor in addition to Android 4.4 KitKat and a reworked TouchWiz […]

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