The term “initiated” sparks a fair amount of controversy, with many people asking what the term essentially means and how it applies to the local car scene with it having little or no relation to anything car related. The term “Initiated” has two recognized meanings, one of them being the cause to begin (process of action) with the other meaning being; to admit (someone) into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual.

With that said, a need existed where both meanings were able to gel together with the aim of describing an automotive event which would be considered as being on par with that of international automotive events.

Initiated 2012 fulfilled the need of combining the two meanings by it being the first event to begin within Cape Town featuring cars that have essentially been initiated into a society where quality and styling executed to perfection is priority. With a good friendly atmosphere, like minded individuals and with conversations centred around everything with four wheels and a motor, Initiated 2012  mimicked an automotive lifestyle that many of us would love to be a part of.

Perfectly executed 2door as well as more door mk1′s.

Do more with less – “Budget baller”

Oem+ G5 on air vs Static G6

This mk2 Golf has quite a few tricks up it’s sleeve…

Badass Static Honda Accord

It’s all in the details…

The yellow’s mashup

Specials thanks goes out to the V&A Waterfront for allowing us to do this. As well as media: Boostsa, CapeStance, Raceweb, Photofreak, HoodrideSA, Urban Lens, Vaano Photography, Blacktop Media.

Photos By: Lisa
Video By: Lorenzo