Our Story

Established in 2011, Casual Society was initiated with the aim of shedding light on the lifestyle and ambition of young individuals in Cape Town, South Africa. This gave rise to a lifestyle brand that not only exposes those elements but also seeks to sustain them.

Nurtured with a keen automotive, design, music and fashion interest, Casual Society became influenced by those components and as unsteadiness led to firm footing, the need to become more than a lifestyle brand became clear. Over the years we have matured into a robust, relevant and thought provoking group, feeding minds with creative thought and pushing the boundaries of cultural influence restrained by greater society, drawing inspiration and sharing information from around the world as we progress.

What seems like a wild mix of lifestyle segments, Casual Society will forever stand by its mission of providing you with information that evokes a sense of prowess to take on life and expose you to culture and lifestyle elements seen through the eyes of individuals we call the “Casual Society”.